August 9, 2023 Physical Therapy of Milwaukee

Why do people hide an injury?

Physical therapy is the best solution for tackling injuries, but how can your physical therapist assist if they are don’t know about your injury? You might wonder who would keep an injury secret. The answer is – many people do!


You might immediately think of athletes, such as football players or baseball pitchers, when considering those who keep injury secrets. However, athletes aren’t the only ones who hide their injuries. Performers like dancers and workers in various professions also keep injury secrets…


Why would someone choose to keep their injury a secret instead of seeking treatment to heal?



Despite significant improvements in the culture surrounding sports, performing arts, and workers’ compensation, some people still maintain the old “no pain, no gain” mentality. Many think about reporting an injury as a sign of weakness or betrayal to the team. And they also may feel pressured from their coach, a parent, the fans, or a teammate to continue playing or working despite being injured.


Fear of loss

Head injuries are more common, but athletes who experience these symptoms think twice before making a report out of fear of being pulled out of the game. Workers injured on the job fear their termination. And performers fear their replacements will outshine them on the stage while they heal.


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Competitive advantage

For athletes, mainly, injuries may mean giving the competition an unfair advantage. If the opposing team becomes aware of a player’s injury, they might exploit it to their advantage. For instance, if a football team knows that their opponent’s running quarterback has an ankle injury, it will influence how the opposing defense strategizes. If you don’t know what the most common sports injuries are, you can learn about them here.


These reasons may seem valid in the short term, but they overlook the long-term consequences. Pushing through a game, performing the next night, or completing one more shift are never worth risking your long-term health. Concealing a minor injury can escalate it into a major one. Reporting an injury is not a sign of weakness, nor does it betray your teammates or coworkers. If you’re not performing at your best, you owe it to those relying on you to inform them. Allowing a healthy individual to take your place is the responsible choice.


If you’re injured, don’t conceal it! Inform the people near you, and seek help from a physical therapy. If you reside in Milwaukee, do not hesitate to share your injury with us at Physical Therapy of Milwaukee!

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