Frequently Asked Questions About Physical Therapy


How do I schedule an appointment with PTM?

  • Give us a call at 414-281-3444 with your name, address, date of birth and insurance information. We will then schedule your appointment at a time that works best for you. You can also leave your information below and we will reach out to you.

Can I still come to PTM even if I don’t have insurance?

  • Yes, you can! We offer affordable self-pay and payment plan options for those without insurance.

Do you accept Medicare?

  • Yes, we accept a wide variety of insurances. Please visit our accepted insurances page or give us a call.

What should I wear to my physical therapy appointment?

  • Please try to dress in comfortable clothing that will allow you to perform various exercises and stretches. We also recommend wearing shoes with good foot and ankle support.

How long will each appointment be?

  • Your initial evaluation will typically take 45 minutes to an hour. Your follow up appointments will then be 30-45 minutes depending on your diagnosis.

What should I expect during my initial evaluation?

  • You will meet with Dr. Ramirez to discuss your pain and its cause. Dr. Ramirez will perform a comprehensive evaluation, testing strength, range of motion, etc. and provide you a diagnosis. You will then be instructed to perform various exercises and stretches as part of your individualized home exercise program, along with being educated on the do’s and don’ts specific to your diagnosis.

My Doctor wrote me a referral for a different hospital or PT clinic, can I still come to PTM?

  • Yes, Wisconsin is a direct access state and you get to decide where you receive your care. For most insurances you do NOT need a referral to start physical therapy with us.

I’m scheduled for surgery in a couple of weeks, should I come to PTM before my surgery?

  • Yes, we have a pre-surgery strengthening program that will help you gain strength and flexibility to jump start your recovery process BEFORE you have surgery. This will ensure a faster post-surgical recovery.

 Do I need to have a serious injury to come to therapy?

  • No, you do not! We recommend coming to us right when you feel any sort of muscle pain, tightness, or soreness. We can help you learn about what is causing your discomfort before an injury occurs.

I play sports and don’t have an injury, but I feel like I can be performing better. Do you offer anything for athletes?

  • We specialize in injury prevention and sports performance. Our staff specializes in identifying neuromuscular imbalances that could limiting your potential and increasing your risk for injury. We provide individualized exercise programming to help you improve your strength, stability, range of motion, flexibility and coordination.

I’m not in pain, but I am falling and having difficulty balancing. Can physical therapy help me?

  • Various components could be affecting your balance. Your strength, flexibility, range of motion and vestibular system will be assessed in order to provide a comprehensive diagnosis and plan of care.

I was hurt at work; do you accept worker’s compensation plans?

  • We do accept worker’s compensation plans. If you are experiencing any pain at work, we recommend coming to see us BEFORE it gets worse. We will work with you to develop a work specific plan of care to perform all your jobs tasks pain free.

Will I only be doing exercises and stretches during my appointments?

  • Exercises and stretches are a vital part to your rehabilitation process and your home exercise program. We also incorporate manual therapy techniques, electrical stimulation, ultrasound and more. Please visit our services page for a list of treatments we provide.

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