Are you experiencing muscle or joint pain anywhere in your body?

Together we can help get rid of your pain and get you back to doing what you love to do!

No matter what your injury/pain may be, PTM can help.

What We Treat:


Work Related Injuries

Sports Injuries

Automobile Injuries

Muscle/Joint pain anywhere in the body.

Pre/Post Surgical Rehabilitation

Balance Dysfunctions

Strength Deficits

Our Treatments Include:


Therapeutic Exercise

Manual Techniques

Joint Mobilization

Neuromuscular Rehabilitation


Electrical Stimulation

Cupping/Graston Techniques

We treat major and minor muscle and joint pains. Don’t wait until you have a serious injury to come see us here at PTM.

Come learn about what is causing your pain by scheduling your complimentary screen to see if Physical Therapy is right for you.

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