June 15, 2023 Physical Therapy of Milwaukee

Physical Therapy Is For Everyone!

Physical therapists, highly trained healthcare professionals, specialize in human movement, evaluating and treating various musculoskeletal issues through exercise and other techniques. Since exercise benefits everyone, physical therapists can assist individuals throughout their lives.

Physical Therapy for Children

Did you know that physical therapists provide treatment shortly after birth? Common reasons for a baby requiring therapy include torticollis and cerebral palsy. Torticollis, caused by a tight neck muscle, results in babies tilting their heads to one side. Cerebral palsy, a neurological disorder, leads to movement and coordination difficulties.

As children grow, some may struggle with reaching motor milestones such as sitting up, rolling over, crawling, standing, and walking. Physical therapists can intervene, utilizing their expertise to enhance motor skills and coordination, guiding these children back on track.

Physical Therapy for Adolescents

In adolescence, sports injuries become prevalent. Whether it’s an ankle sprain or ACL surgery, physical therapy can aid in recovery. Adolescents experience rapid growth, which can lead to issues like growth plate fractures, growing pains, Osgood-Schlatter’s disease, and Sever’s disease, all of which are common and related to bodily changes.

Physical Therapy for Adults

Back pain affects a significant portion of adults, with studies indicating up to 80% experiencing it. Physical therapy stands as one of the primary treatments recommended for back pain. Additionally, adults seek it for injuries, whether from weekend sports activities, overuse, or workplace accidents. Some adults also exhibit symptoms of diseases like multiple sclerosis or myositis, which can benefit from physical therapy.

Physical Therapy for Seniors

In later life, individuals often face health issues affecting their mobility, such as arthritis, joint replacements, strokes, and heart attacks. Physical therapy plays a crucial role in addressing these issues. Furthermore, physical therapists aid seniors in aging gracefully by designing exercise programs that reduce the risk of falls and assisting in making home modifications to ensure safety.

Movement remains a constant in life. As experts in movement, physical therapists can assist individuals of any age. While some specialize in pediatric patients and others in geriatric care, all Physical Therapists have the expertise to help people live better.

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