December 7, 2020 Physical Therapy of Milwaukee

Dry Needling for Chronic Pain & Fibromyalgia

Dry needling has become a popular treatment technique for many neuromusculoskeletal disorders over the last few years. Dry needling use with chronic pain and fibromyalgia has proven to be highly effective according to more recent research studies. Let’s learn more about its benefits here:

Benefits of Dry Needling


Your physical therapist will utilize dry needles to target the areas of most discomfort, which can be done at multiple locations. This is particularly beneficial for conditions like fibromyalgia, where there can often be more than one area of pain. Dry needling has a positive effect on both the central and peripheral pain processing centers in our nervous systems. It triggers a local increase in blood flow and oxygenation to the tissues. Along with a central pain inhibiting response from the brain. While various dry needling techniques exist, employing electric stimulation with the dry needles is emerging as the most effective technique for pain inhibition.


Electro-dry needling, in particular, proves highly effective in treating chronic pain and fibromyalgia. Studies have shown that using electric stimulation in conjunction with the needles decreases pain more effectively than using just the needles alone. Additionally, there is a greater relaxing effect during and after the treatments with electrical stimulation.


Electro-dry needling, especially when applied to chronic pain conditions, offers promising results in pain management. This technique involves the use of electrical stimulation alongside the insertion of dry needles. By integrating electric stimulation with dry needling, therapists can effectively modulate pain signals, providing significant relief for individuals struggling with chronic pain.


The application of electrical stimulation during dry needling sessions enhances the therapeutic effects by further stimulating the nervous system’s pain inhibitory pathways. This results in a more profound analgesic effect compared to traditional dry needling methods alone. Additionally, the combination of electrical stimulation with dry needling promotes muscle relaxation, which can alleviate tension and stiffness associated with chronic pain conditions.


Research about Dry Needling

Research studies have demonstrated the efficacy of electro-dry needling in reducing pain intensity, improving functional mobility, and enhancing overall quality of life for individuals with chronic pain disorders. Moreover, this approach has shown promising results in addressing the multifaceted nature of chronic pain. It targets both the peripheral and central mechanisms involved in pain processing.


Overall, electro-dry needling represents an advanced therapeutic modality for managing chronic pain. It offers patients a safe, non-invasive, and effective treatment option to alleviate their symptoms. Additionally, it can improve their daily functioning.


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In general, individuals typically experience benefits from dry needling after just the first session. This enables a quicker return to activity with less fear of symptom flare-ups. If you are experiencing chronic aches and pains or have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, we recommend trying dry needling with our certified physical therapist here at PTM.

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