June 22, 2022 Physical Therapy of Milwaukee

Dr. Sylvestra Ramirez Wins Women of Influence Award

Physical Therapy of Milwaukee stands as a champion of leadership within the community. For that reason, we want to congratulate our Clinic Founder, Director & Physical Therapist, Dr. Sylvestra Ramirez for earning the Woman of Influence by the Milwaukee Business Journal.


Why is this Award important for us at Physical Therapy of Milwaukee?


The “Women of Influence” awards serve to honor exceptional woman in both business and the community. Recently, the Milwaukee Business Journal honored the 2022 Women of Influence with an awards luncheon at the Wisconsin Center. Here is Dr. Ramirez’s response to this recognition:


“It is an honor and great blessing to be recognized as a Women of Influence in the Entrepreneurship category.  My personal goal has been to create a clinical space of inclusivity for those healing after a work or sports injuries. It has been an honor to see the clinic grow and see how patient’s receiving access to bilingual healthcare providers, see a quicker return to work or return to sport experience.”


Why is Dr. Ramirez a Woman of Influence?


Dr. Ramirez was raised in a Spanish-speaking household with parents from Mexico. She experienced firsthand the challenges of navigating the healthcare system as an interpreter for her family. This shed light on a significant gap in healthcare accessibility for the Spanish-speaking community she was determined to address.


After she completed her education at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Rosalind Franklin University, Dr. Ramirez embarked on a mission to establish a fully bilingual healthcare clinic. In 2013, her vision became a reality when the Physical Therapy of Milwaukee clinic was born, marking the beginning of her efforts to bridge the language and cultural divide in healthcare.


Hence, Dr. Ramirez’s commitment to cultural representation is evident in her recruitment efforts. Her staff at the clinic has professionals fluent in Spanish, ensuring that patients feel heard and understood in their healthcare journey. Moreover, Ramirez serves as a mentor to students from various universities, nurturing the next generation of diverse healthcare professionals.


Dr. Ramirez shared that “educating our patients, our community within their community in a space where they’re comfortable, that’s where we need to be”. Through her unwavering dedication and passion, Dr. Sylvestra Ramirez continues to inspire change. And transform the landscape of healthcare and physical therapy in Milwaukee for the better.


Finally, if you need to see a physical therapist in Milwaukee, trust the care of Dr. Ramirez for your needs. And also, you can reach out by calling or texting at 414 – 281 – 3444  or by leaving your information below to schedule an appointment (or free screening today!).